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[small-visibility, medium-visibility, wide-visibility"class =" "id =" "size ="1 "content_align ="left"style_type ="default"sep_color =" "] Velotopia: the city organized around the use of the bike [/ fusion_title]

the architect Steven Fleming is interested for several years in the bike in the city and issues specifically how to build cities for the use of the bicycle. As such, he imagined that the ideal city, velotopia would look like.         [/ fusion_text] https://evtt-provence.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image69.jpg [/ fusion_imageframe] [self"hide_on_mobile ="small-visibility, medium-visibility, wide-visibility"class =" "id =" "animation_type =" "animation_direction ="left"animation_speed ="0.3"animation_offset =" "] https://evtt-provence.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/short-section-jpg_Abdel-Soudan-2.jpg [/ fusion_imageframe]

Bike home

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  • a diameter of 15 km and a circular to allow everyone to live near the city center
  • a total area of 177 km2
  • average journeys exceeding not 30 minutes and 7 km
  • 30,000 inhabitants per km2
  • No cars inside the city. Cars are parked in outlying parking lots.
  • Of the lanes without obstacles, which provide a traffic continues without the need to slow down or to stop.
  • Cargo bikes are used for delivery, transportation of patients non-urgent, police patrols and transport of less than 500 kg.
  • Despite the fact that the city can count thousands of inhabitants, there so never more than a few vehicles in the city. These vehicles (emergency, fire,..) have a speed limited to 15 km/h except for emergencies when they use their siren.
  • The shops are located at the corner of the streets. So cyclists slow down naturally to their approach and réaccélèrent then.
  • Small bridges are designed for pedestrians.

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Bike parking


http://cycle-space.com: consulting agency in urban development "bike-centric" Article The Guardian "What would the perfect cycling city look like?" Book (ebook) Velotopia [/ fusion_text] [/ fusion_builder_column] [/ fusion_builder_row] [/ fusion_builder_container]