Long-distance "races", "divides", travel by bike constantly reinvent themselves and proliferate to the delight of lovers of the great outdoors!

Very partial overview of the routes in the long run in Europe and America. Racing or bike trip. On the road, track or trail with the presentation of the following routes:

French divide, Transcontinental race, Holyland Challenge road, Great Divide, divide, Trans Apennine Baja…

The main bike routes in the United States

Great Divide Mountain bike route



This route celebrating its twentieth year. The opportunity to redraw portions.

With the exception of the Grand basin of Wyoming, the road keeps going up and down. The altitudes are lower in Montana, while the highest passes are in Colorado before going down to the New Mexico. However, some of the hardest climbs are in Montana and the New Mexico due to the percentages of slope and the poor quality of the road. And the New Mexico, must be read to live and water due to the low number of supplies.



Departure: Banff, Bitannique Colombia, Canada

Check-in: Antelope Wells, Denver (Colorado)

Route: Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

Season: the end of the spring in the middle of autumn
Distance: 3 200 km (2768 miles)

Inclination: 200 000 feet

Plot: 70% gravel and tracks, 5% of single track, 25% of asphalted road

Number of days: 43 days for an average distance of 65 miles per day. 7 weeks of bike

The great cycling routes in Europe

Transcontinental Race

Great principles of the race:

"The competitors must roll from the start to the finish line through all the required control points. »

 "The help of a third party is prohibited. "All food, drink and equipment must be carried by the rider or purchased on the way.
"Benefit from extraction is forbidden. »
"The competitors must act in a spirit of self-reliance and with the same opportunities as the other riders. »
Routes of the previous editions:
2013: London Istanbul – 3200 km
2014: London Istanbul – 3600 km
2015: Grammont – Istanbul – 4200 km
2016: Grammont – canakkale (Turkey) – 3800 km
2017: Geraardsbergen (Belgium) Meteora (Greece)