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From June 15th to September 17th, the Ferme d'Avenir association organizes a 30-step tour of France to prove that agroecology is not only possible, but necessary and desirable, and highlighting, celebrating and guinguette permaculture , Hydroponics, vermicomposters, agroforestry …

Why this turn?

Agriculture is at a crossroads. The dominant model based on chemistry and mechanization is no longer sustainable (soil and biodiversity erosion, greenhouse gas emissions, health risks, etc.). Agro-ecology appears to be the only viable solution to propose a resilient future, in harmony with nature. Many citizens are now aware of these realities and would like to commit themselves to draw the world of tomorrow. The TAF is a unique opportunity for thousands of people to meet farmers involved in the future, across the territories. These 3 months, recurring each year, will be the opportunity to create a network of conscious and voluntary people, in a summer atmosphere turned towards the happy sobriety, the terroirs and the sharing. They will help to present the agricultural landscape of tomorrow, that which reconnects with biodiversity, farms on a human scale, proximity marketing and to make young people (and less young) who are interested in agriculture discover the realities Of organic farms. It is also and above all to restore his letters of nobility to the profession of farmer, profession of public utility! [/ Fusion_text]

The City of the Arts of the street …

… is a place of experimentation and creation: 36 000m2 of workspaces (streets, squares, dance hall, rehearsal studios, river and waterfall) where are constructed and experienced shows, dedicated to being Played in public space.

The Cité de l'Agriculture takes part in the agricultural transition (from the productivist model to local and agro-ecological production). It brings together projects and initiatives, optimizes their functioning and increases their societal impact, reinventing our way of producing and feeding.

When the City of Agriculture enters the City of the Arts of the street, the ideas, the bonds, the possible swarm. 

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15/07/2017 – 17/07/2017

All day

Or ?

The City of the Arts of the street,

 225 avenue des Aygalades


Tour de France Stage – all public – 

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More informations

Http://www.fermesdavenirtour.org/ [/ fusion_text] [/ fusion_builder_column] [/ fusion_builder_row] [/ fusion_builder_container]