What is "Esprit Parc" ?

The Esprit parc national brand highlights products and services imagined and created by women and men who are committed to safeguarding and promoting the exceptional territories of the French national parks.

  • Values


A brand that reflects the missions of the national parks and the involvement of the local players who live there. For you, it represents a commitment to preserving biodiversity and gives additional meaning to your purchase.


To preserve and promote local traditions and know-how. The brand offers authentic products, services, and methods of production.


A fundamental value which emphasizes consideration for the exceptional nature of the national parks, for the cultural heritage, local players and populations which make these spaces come to life. For the service providers who benefit from the brand, it's also a commitment to respect common criteria.


A brand which is shared and service providers who are united by the values of the national parks. Discover flavours, know-how and unique experiences inspired by nature!


A value which illustrates a positive state of mind, and reflects the dynamism and openness of the men and women who live, work, and welcome you to the national parks.


La Petite Calanque is a charming guest house located in Samena Calanques, on the road to Les Goudes. This one hundred years old house was bult by a navigator who traded with West Indies. He created this house for his wife in a creole style. The exotic garden offer unique vegetation.

Villa d'Orient

Villa d'Orient, for almost 15 years, is the first and only true guest house located in this exceptional place in the heart of the Calanques National Park, in Marseille …
With views of the sea and the Calanques, in a century old exotic garden, the location is unique.

Youth Hostel Marseille

Marseille Bonneveine Youth hostel is situated in the South of Marseille, near the beaches of Prado and at only 2kms of the National Parc of Calanques, Accessible to groups or indiciduals you'll find  friendlyness and simplicity in a comfortable accomodation and severals facilities. 


Goelette Alliance, organize sailing cruises in the National Parc from Marseille Vieux Port with a capacity of 27 passengers. The boat  is an old 27m long tuna boat built in oak,  in 1949.  You can rent the whole boat or take part to a shared cruise. You will share a convivial moment for a day or sunset including mealand may be bath in the sea.

Don du Vent, is a two majestic masts of 32 m who is sailing mainly in the Calanques, Marseille bay and islands. You will find a warm and attentive welcome from his crew who, with happiness and humor, will share with you the pleasures of the world of the sea.  It offers a large open deck and a spacious saloon with all amenities.

Icard maritime

Icard Maritime organize short or large guided tours to the Calanques by boat. For the environment sake, you ill ebark on Helios, a boat with hybrid diesel/electric propulsion
On board this vessel fully developed and built in the south of France, thanks to the electric engine you will enter the Calanques without any noise disturbance !