Mountain biking in the Calanques

The practice of mountain biking in the Park of the Calanques, is allowed almost anywhere. But it remains a sector banned around the University of Luminy. There are also the portions very technical, little suited to the practice and easier to walk on foot. However, it is possible and very pleasant to mountain biking in the creeks long choosing his route. The material used (full-suspension MTB), level, and a careful reading of the map are essential to the success of the output.

Official position of the Calanques National Park


In order to reconcile at best practice of the bike with the preservation of the natural heritage, the Calanques national park began a process of consultation with all the actors involved as well as its governance bodies.

In the year 2016, a first series of meetings was held with the representatives of this activity, namely the French Federation of cycling (FFC), the departmental French (FFCT) Cycling Federation Committee, Committee of the Federation of Alpine clubs and mountain, the association Mountain Bike Foundation (MBF), the association collective celo in town (CVV), the Union of french cycling instructors (MCF). Members of the economic and social Council (CESC) of the park were also solicited for review.

Dialogue must now continue to reach a shared position, dealing with all the issues and all the impacts related to the diversity of practice bike. All, of course, in articulation with the positions of the public owners of the Park including the regulation applies at the moment.

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Reportage France blue Provence on the ATV in the creeks

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Didier Reault position, the president of the Park of creeks

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