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Manifestation originale à Madrid pour militer pour l'utilisation du vélo en ville. The method is suitable with the heat. The stools have transpired this weekend of hundreds of bike enthusiasts came together naked at the annual rally called World Naked Bike Ride. An annual bike ride, blowing this year her 14th candle, with joy and good humor. Should not be modest to scroll completely naked, strewn on a bike seat this Saturday, June 10 in Madrid. The goal of such an event is to raise awareness among Governments, but also local residents, drivers car, about the dangers of cyclists, as well as to encourage people to take more their bike to fight against pollution, as explained in the daily Le Monde.

Each World Naked Bike Ride is a success. The operation has been around the world, from Mexico City to Madrid, for 14 years. But the claims of cyclists remain the same, evidence that Governments do not have enough effort to ensure their safety. [/ fusion_text] [/ fusion_builder_column] [/ fusion_builder_row] [/ fusion_builder_container]