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Bosh cockpit [/ fusion_title]
calculation the autonomy of your bike based on the 3 key elements :

  • The cyclist: your weight, Cadence
  • Cycling: the assistance system, the battery, the transmission, the type of tire, the position
  • The environment: the type of terrain, the nature of the ground, stops, the wind.

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Géovélo [/ fusion_title]
Géovélo is a site that "helps you to quickly and easily find your way to bike" is more than a travel assistance to an autonomy like the Bosh interface Calculator. The main features are:

  • Creating routes with option to include steps
  • Access to walks nearby
  • Access to news about the bike in the region
  • Access self-service bike stations and the number of bikes available nearby

The distribution of the bike trails in Europe is particularly edifying. The North South divide is well visible and can measure the delay by the meridionnales regions in the cycling facilities. [/ fusion_text] https://evtt-provence.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/carte-am enagement - cycling .jpg [/ fusion_imageframe]

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Ebike Maps [/ fusion_title] [", medium-visibility, wide-visibility" class = "" id = "" animation_type = "" animation_direction = "left" animation_speed = "0.3" animation_offset = ""] https://evtt-provence.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/ebikemaps.jpg [/ fusion_imageframe]
Ebike Maps is a tool that allows to:

  • Select amongst the bikes for sale those who fits your needs
  • Plan a trip with an electric bike based on the usual criteria
  • Compare precisely several bikes on the same route
  • In views on the different models

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Electric Bike Simulator [/ fusion_title] https://evtt-provence.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/ebike-simulator.jpg [/ fusion_imageframe]
this simple Simulator to calculate the autonomy of an electric bicycle in real time. The parameters taken into account are numerous: variation of speed, acceleration, climbs and descents, vehicle weight, resistance, aerodynamics and size of the wheels,... Default measurements are given for a ride on the road with tires inflated to 3.5bars. [/ fusion_text]
He certainly unequipped to other simulators on the web... This article isn't comprehensive. [/ fusion_text] [/ fusion_builder_column] [/ fusion_builder_row] [/ fusion_builder_container]