How to get to the Calanques from Marseille

Our meeting point Tips and advices to get to the Calanques from Marseille On this page, you will find some advice and routes to easily come to our departure point or to the Calanques National Park from Marseille main entrances : Cruise Port Old port Train station Airport [...]

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Plants and biodiversity in the creeks

Landzone Creeks: Remarkable biodiversity Of the more than 900 plant species that have been catalogued within the National park boundary, 38 are protected and 43 recognised as noteworthy. This Wild variety have different explanments. One of them is the diversity of biomed we can find in the creeks: Cliffs, Screes, limestones, Lapiaz, seashore, forests, [...]

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Top 4 bike routes from Marseille

Top 4 Bike-train routes from Marseille Here we offer a selection of bicycle tours from Marseille and accessible by train in the Paca region. The latter offers a superb playground These itineraries are given as an indication and open the way to many variations. The advantage of taking the train is not being [...]

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Photo Hike in the creeks

Hiking and Photography between Mediterranean and Marseille In January, we offer a cycle of hiking with the photographer Bruno Benedicte Patral ( and a mountain attendant (myself) in the creeks The Creeks in winter offer wild and steep landscapes that prètent beautifully to the shots. Trekking in the massif this season is also [...]

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Electric bicycle (vttae and vae) coaching

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Club of the 100 passes

[padding_left = ""] whether it's a collar a step, a collar, a Port or a Hourquette everything is good for these fades of the pedal to heat your calves and browse the mountains by bike. Attention even when the rules of the game are strict to be [...]

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Evaluate the autonomy of his electric bike

[padding_left = ""] [hide_on_mobile = "small-visibility, medium-visibility, wide-visibility" class = "" id = "" size = "1" content_align = "left" style_type = "default" sep_color =""] routing tools [/ fusion_title] Bosh cockpit [/ fusion_title] calculation the autonomy of your bike based on the 3 [...]

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