Bike rental is possible every day all year long

Reservation through this website highly recommended.

Bike pick up is  at our shop  during opening hours.

Bike delivery is possible on request (minimum 2 bicycles and 2 days before). The price depend where you want the bike to be delivered. Price start at 10 €.

We rent electric bicycles (mountain bike, semi-rigid and fully suspended mountain bike, child), non-electric bikes (mountain bike, road, Gravel). We also offer many accessories.

Bikes are rented with padlock, repair kit, helmet, specific pedals on request, phone holder.

Insurance is systematically included in the rental price (see conditions here). We ask for a bank deposit for each rental (between € 200 and € 1,500 depending on the bike).

Electric Bikes

collage vttae evtt provence
vttae location

High quality electric mtb

  • 35 € 1/2 day
  • Electric Mountain bike
  • Motor Shimano 250 W – 500Wh Battery – Electric Assistance up to 15 mph – 2.6 tyres
  • Number of bikes : 25 bikes from 14′ to 21′ inches
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vae vtc cube touring

Trekking Electric bike

  • 31.5 € for 1/2 Day
  • Central motor – rear luggage carrier -250 Watt – 7 speeds
  • Bike renting include a helmet, a locker, a spare tire kit, a pump
  • Number of bikes available : 5
  • Réserver
vttae tout suspendu

Fully suspended electric mtb

  • 46.5 € 1/2 day
  • Electric Mountain bike
  • Motor Bosch Gen 3 minimum 250 W – 500Wh to 750Wh Battery – Electric Assistance up to 15 mph – 2.6 tyres
  • Number of bikes : 2 bikes M
  • Book
cube stereo 140 hpc sl 750

Fully suspended electric mtb

  • 65 € 1/2 day
  • Electric Mountain bike
  • Motor Bosch Gen 4 minimum 250 W – 750Wh Battery – Electric Assistance up to 15 mph – 2.6 tyres
  • USE : all moutain – enduro
  • Number of bikes : 2 bikes M to xl
  • BOOK
cube acid 240 hybrid youth action team

Kid Electric Mtb

  • 28 € for 1/2 day
  • Mtb for kids from 4.3 to 5.1ft
  • Bosch motor
  • electric bike suitable to discover the city or National park
  • Number of bikes : 2
  • Book
  • Deposit amount : 500 €
Yuba cargo bike

Electric Cargo Bike

  • 38 € for 1/2 day
  • Yuba Boda Boda electric
  • Shimano steps Motor
  • electric cargo bike suitable to transport
  • Number of bikes : 1
  • Book
  • Deposite amount : 1000 €

Non Electric Bikes

Road bike

  • 35 € half day
  • Cannondale Synapse, Cube Agree Nuroad, BMC TeamMachine, Trek Emonda, Surly,…
  • Use : Road, Trekking
  • Number of bikes : 10
Vélo de route Performance carbone Location Marseille

Performance Road bike

  • 55 € half day
  • Cube Agree C:62 SL 56, Trek Emonda 56, Canondale Synapse 58, BMC Team Machine 53
  • Use : Road, Endurance, Competition
  • Number of bikes : 4
vtt location Marseille

Hardtail Mountainbike

  • 24 € 1/2 day
  • Cube Aim 2018
  • Aluminium Frame -Shimano derailleur – Disc brake system – 2.1 tyres
  • Fat-tyred adventures start with a bike that you can rely on. A companion that’ll be with you over every pebble, rock and root. Ideal to explore the back roads of the Calanques or go farther in provence, along the sea. Possibility to rent a luggage rack and saddlebags.
  • Use : Trails and single trails
  • Number of bikes : 3

All Mountain bike

  • 44 € for 1/2 day
  • All mountain – full suspension -Cube Stere Carbon – 27.5
  • 11 speeds – Size : 18
  • Use : All mountain / Xc / Enduro
  • Number of bikes : 2

Rent a bike to discover Calanques National Park, Marseille or further

  • Suitable for everyone : families, couples, sporty people,…
  • Rent from 4 hours (half day) to week.
  • Our local is situated at the door of the Calanques National park.
  • Many routes are possible for all levels and kind of ridings.

We have

  • emtb recommended to visit National Park
  • Moutain bikes semi and full suspended
  • Road bikes (for sporty people) with flat pedals or shimano or Look pedals
  • Travel bikes with rear bags

We also have :

  • baby seats for childs from 9 months to 5 years
  • bike trailers for kids from 5 to 10 years old
  • 24 inch emtb for kids between 7 to 12 years old

All our bike rental includes helmets, locker, reparing kit, pump, phone holder.

We provide you a phone holder with a gps track to follow on Google map.

We will give you advices on the best rides to do regarding your wiches, demand and season.

Why using an electric bike in Marseille ?

  • The city is not flat. There are many hills including Notre Dame de La Garde, Le Panier, …
  • Marseille is really spread out (about 50 km from one side to another)
  • There are small roads with steep climbs to reach the national park hidden beache (Sormiou, Morgiou,…)
  • With 300 days with sun, Marseille is the sunniest place in France.

To resume, using an electric bike will allow you to see more in less time and reach nice view points and hidden places.


siège enfant

Baby seat

  • 3 € 1/2 Day
vélo suiveur

Bike follower

remorque enfant

Bike kids or luggages trailer

sacoches de voyage


assurance location


batterie complémentaire

Extra battery


Electric bikes rent rates

Duration MTB Elec Polyvalent Elec CITY BIKE Elec Kid Ebibe 24
1/2 day (4 hours) 32 26  25  28
Day  45  35  33  37
2 days  75  60 58  59
Extra day  35  20  18  32
Week  210  160  150  190

Non Electric bike rates

Duration All Mountain Bike Moutain Bike Road Bike Performance Road Bike
1/2 day (4hours) 44 24  35 55
Day  55  33  42 65
2 days  100  55 75 115
Extra day  40  18  30 45
Week  250  140  220 299

Accessories and other

Child bike 7
Child seat 4
 Bike follower 7
Child trailer 7
Saddlebag 5
Backpack 2
Additional battery 5
Camera 7
Insurance 2.5

Rental conditions

2021 Evtt provence Rental Terms and Conditions

1- The Company EVTT PROVENCE  hereby rents to the customer designed int the order (online booking) or in the contract filled on site. This rental is authorized by the following general conditions and the particular conditions specified bellow that the customer accepts and agree to be respected. The order is considered as approved when the customer the confirmation email or sign the contract on site.

2 – The Tenant declares that he possesses a general liability insurance policy.

3 – The Tenant declares that he is capable of operating the rented material and does not have a medical condition that
would prevent him from safely operating the rented material.

4 – The rental agreement is neither transferable, nor transmissible. Without express permission of the two parties, loaning or sub-renting of the materials is strictly prohibited.

5 – The hiring takes effect when the tenant takes possession of the material and the accessories, which are delivered to him. The risks will be transferred at the time of the handing-over of the material and the accessories to the Renter who will assume whole responsibility. The Renter agrees to use the rented equipment under normal circumstances.

6 – This contract is available for the duration of the hiring as specified in the particular conditions described in this page. Any prolongation of the contract is subject to agreement between the two parties.

7 – The tenant hereby agrees to have received the rented property in good operating condition. He states to have had personally all opportunity to check the material and to choose it in accordance with his needs. Also, the Tenant recognizes that cycling helmets has been proposed to him. Wearing of helmets is highly recommended by the Company Evtt Provence.

8 – The tenant agrees to use the rented property with prudence, without danger to third parties and in accordance with the regulations in force. The tenant is personally responsible for violating French traffic regulation and is always responsible for any physical injuries and property damage caused while operating the rented material (art.1383 and 1384 of the civil code). The responsibility of the Company is expressly released in case of any disrespect of the legal regulations.

9 – Repairs, maintenance and exchanges of parts or tires resulting from normal use are the responsibility of the Company. Repairs, maintenance and exchanges of parts or tires resulting from faults of the customer are the responsibility of the customer. In case of immobilization of the rented material for purposes of repair, the tenant will have to pay the regular price of rental. Repairs done by another workshop or company that Evtt Provence will not be refunded. It is strictly forbidden to modify the rented material.

10 – The rental price include an insurance against robbery, damage with conditions.

This insurance shall cover the following risks:

  • Any non intentional damages
  • Theft by characterized violence or break-in
  • Robbery of the bike when it is locked at a fixed point. The tenant must lock the bike to a fixed point with the safety lock provided by the company Evtt Provence. The tenant must keep the keys of the locker with him.

The insurance shall not cover the following cases :

  • Intentional damages
  • Non fixed accessories (pump, phone holder, repairing kit, rear bags,…)
  • Flat tires and wear damages (stripe, broken cable,…)

In the event of theft of the rented material :

The tenant will inform without delay the Company/hirer out, will file a police report within 24h with the local authorities, and provide this report to the Company.

  • Damage : deductible of 10% of the repairs with a minimum of 10 €
  • Theft : deductible of 10 % of the bike price

11If one of the insurance conditions previously describe is not repspected, the tenant is personally liable of damages, theft of the rented material.

However the Tenant cannot be held responsible for damage caused by hidden defects of the rented material or damage that arises during normal, intended use of the material. In the event of damage or loss to the rented material, the tenant agrees to replace all damaged materials completely. Damage of the material will be invoiced to the tenant according to current prices.

12 – Before the rental period start, the tenant is asked to provide a security deposit or ID or Passport, which will be restored to the Tenant at the time of restitution of the material, reduced for any damage as stated above. The guarantee cannot in any case be used to cover a prolongation of the rental contract.

15 – The restitution of the rented material will be done at the time and date stated on the contract. In case the bikes are not returned on time, the tenant is still responsible of the bikes

16 – For reasons of safety the tenant agrees to indicate to the Company/hirer out any possible shocks undergone by the helmets.

Bike rental and tours can normaly operate in all weather (sun, rain, snow, wind, …). EVTT PROVENCE reserves the right to cancel or interrupt courses especially in case of force majeure such as, for example, the closure of access to the massifs related to the risk of fires or extreme weather conditions (storm, invalid guide) . In this case, a refund will be made for people who could not participate in the circuit.
EVTT PROVENCE refunds 100% of the amount if the booking has been canceled more than 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. No refund will be made for any reason after 48 hours have elapsed.

Siret : 49129892300062

Main office Address : Residence Les Antilles, Bat La Desirade

20 Boulevard Mireille Jourdan Barry

13008 Marseille

Shop Address : ResLe Grand Large

3 Avenue d’Odessa

13008 Marseille

You can book your bike directly on this website, by phone or by mail until an hour before the start of the desired rental.

Required documents: 

  • Identity card or passport
  • Contract filled (in shop)
  • Paiement (online or onsite)

We accept Credit card on Site or Cash. We also accept PayPal.

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